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The publisher Science-Digital is as well a result of our more than twenty years of experience with Protosociology, the international journal and research project, and of the work as an editor and author in cooperation with different international publishers.

In these twenty years since our first volume we have noticed a change, which affects sciences as well as publishers. Sciences become more globalized und differentiated, which means that (fewer) specialists are spread worldwide. Together with increasing costs for printing and sales there are problems also because of small editions and international sale. Besides the big international publisher houses there is almost no specific marketing. And even if the author has often to do the layout and a subsidy to the printing costs is still inevitable.

ProtoSociology started early with the integration of internet and digital publishing into its management of the projects. Science without science-management is nowadays scarcely conceivable. As a consequence we are publishing the journal only in a digital version and print-on-demand version. Especially the scientific libraries ordered within the last two or three years only the eBooks.
So for us digital publication is not only the fastest way to publish but also the best way to reach our international readers.

The policy of Science-Digital is to be a part of present science management with the aim to support and make available outstanding publications for an specialized, international readership.

Dr. Georg Peter

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